Boreal Original Lamb Grain Free Recipe


Boreal Original Lamb Grain Free Recipe

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Our Boréal Original Lamb diet is a grain free food using lamb as a single source novel protein. Our Original Lamb uses both fresh meat and lamb meal as a protein source. Lamb is from New Zealand. This is an everyday diet, which can be used to help keep weight off your dog and additionally can be used as a hypoallergenic formula. Using a core of beans and peas to replace the grains found in many dog foods we also add in a herbal pack including blueberries and cranberries which improves the taste of the food as well add antioxidants with all their health benefits. Our Boréal Dog Foods also contain Availa®Zn organic zinc. Availa®Zn is easily absorbed and is many times more available to a dog than other zinc sources. Zinc is essential for healthy skin & coat. Bags 25 lb. and 8.8 lb.


Protein (Minimum) 28.0%

Fat (Minimum) 18.0%

Fibre (Maximum) 3.0%

Calcium (Minimum) 1.5%

Phosporous (Minimum) 1.0%

Moisture (Maximum) 10.0%

Linolec Acid (Omega-6 EFA)* 2.5%

Linolenic Acid (Omega-3 EFA)* 0.3%

Zinc 100 ppm

Meat Content in Formula 64%

Energy 3750 kcal/kg - 460kcal/cup

Typical Carbohydrate Content (NFE) 32.5%

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